How we work

We believe in empowering young people through actor-training. At the Youth Academy, we want to build the confidence of every young person we work with.

Our creative community seeks to empower young people as they learn to tell their own stories, to celebrate their cultural identity through artistic expression, and discover their unique power as storytellers.

We believe that actor-training for young people should be really fun … but also rigorous. Through hard work, high-standards and dedication, our classes help our participants develop many of the top-level professional skills they will need should they wish to go on and pursue a career as an actor.

With a different performance project to rehearse each term, they will have the opportunity to regularly experience the excitement and challenge of being part of a live performance.

Learning how to act develops numerous transferable skills that can help you to succeed, no matter what you choose to do in life – such as dedication, confidence, creativity, empathy and working as part of a team.

Everyone Welcome

It is our belief that a career in the creative arts should be open to everyone. It is part of our mission to increase access to top-quality actor-training for young people and help make our industry more representative of our rich and diverse society.


projects and classes

You will explore a different performance project every six seeks at the Youth Academy.

Projects and classes include:

  • Acting Fundamentals
  • Screen Acting
  • Breaking Down a Script
  • Character Development
  • Scene Study
  • Short Film Project
  • Voice
  • Viewpoints
  • Meisner
  • Spoken Word Festival
  • Improvisation
  • Puppetry
  • Physical Theatre
  • Creative Ensemble
  • Movement

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