Careers and employment

where will I work?

This course is a vocational actor-training degree. Its primary focus is on enabling you to work as a professional actor. It is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the English-speaking entertainment industry, both in the UK and abroad. You will be equipped to work in various sectors, including theatre, film, television and radio. Actors who have trained at Collective have appeared in shows on Netflix, Channel 4, BBC3, AppleTV, ITV, at the National Theatre and on Broadway. 

In addition to traditional acting roles, graduates will also have the skills to explore opportunities in emerging fields such as video games and motion capture. You may also gain employment in related creative fields such as screenwriting, directing, producing, teaching and other parts of the creative industries.

You can also choose to further your education by pursuing postgraduate studies.

The versatile nature of the training provided will allow graduates to apply their skills in various other fields beyond the entertainment industry, such as psychology, education, law, communications, business, life coaching, elite sports coaching, and public speaking.