when can i start?

  • We are currently accepting applications for entry in April 2024.

audition Process

  • Acceptance into the Part-Time Drama School is by audition.
  • We audition everyone who applies.
  • The audition process has two rounds. For the first round you will be asked to submit a self-tape.
  • If you are recalled, the second and final round, will take place over Zoom.
  • The Zoom recall will give you an opportunity to work 121 with one of our tutors – to see if Collective might be right for you – and to ask any questions you have about the course.

what should I prepare?

  • For both the self-tape and the recall audition you will be asked prepare a monologue of your choice from a contemporary play, film, or television series.
  • The monologue should be performed in your own voice and should be a maximum of 2 minutes.
  • You are encouraged to choose a piece that you connect with – that you feel celebrates you as an individual.

what does it cost?

  • There is no cost. All our auditions are free.

How Do I apply?

  • To apply for a place at the Part-Time School please complete our online application form then email your self-tape to
  • Please submit your self-tape as either a YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox link.
  • One of our team will respond within 5 working days to let you know whether or not you will be asked to attend a recall.
  • The closing date for new applications for the Autumn Term is Tuesday August 12th 2024 at 5.00pm.

Audition FAQs

Yes. You don’t need to have had prior acting experience. We are interested in your raw ability and potential.

Acting is a skill that can be improved through practice. So first and foremost we want to see that you are hardworking, well-prepared and passionate.

We want to get to know you as person, so look for a character that you identify with. You may also want to choose a piece that celebrates your identity.

No. We don’t expect you to buy specialist lighting equipment for your audition – you can use the ordinary lights you have in your home. We just need to be able to see your performance.

No. We are interested in you and your performance. That is all that matters.

Travel can be expensive if you live far from the school, and we never want anyone to excluded. So we do our auditions online to make them accessible for everyone.

Yes – we accept applications to start in the Spring Term. However, you cannot join the Part-Time School in the Summer Term as this is the showcase.

No. The Part-Time School does not include singing as part of the curriculum.

Yes. As the course is taught in English we need to be able to assess your ability to act in that language.

Yes. If you wish to take a taster class we will invite you to attend the school.

We get back to every candidate within 5 days to inform them of the outcome of their audition.

Have fun and express yourself! We are here to make you feel comfortable so you can do your best work.

act. like nothing can stop you.